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“There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.”
Oscar Wilde

You may have noticed when you search for a business the results will sometimes have Facebook or Google plus as some of the top results: especially Facebook.
“Social is the way our work gets discovered. Content that is truly exceptional, unique, and useful can earn tremendous awareness through social media, and that social amplification often leads to great links, which leads to great rankings.” ~ Rand Fishkin, CEO/Co-Founder, Moz
The social media aspect of your business will have an impact on your business’ search ranking, it is vital to make the most of your Facebook page using some good SEO, and SEO services Ireland have some good old fashioned SEO service tactics.

SEO Services Ireland Tip#1: Ensure the Brand Name/URL Match
No doubt when you started your business website you made sure that the name closely followed with the website name:
The same should apply to your facebook page to help search engine optimisation. Quite simply if you are selling penguin flippers your website will no doubt be
same for Facebook it should be treated similarly to a new website it doesn’t make much sense to advertise your brand on social media and then make it difficult for visitors to locate you.Search engine optimisation is thus improved

SEO services Ireland provided by us help by making sure your brand or company name and Facebook Page address match, increasing the chances of being discovered on search engines(search engine optimisation) and Facebook, as well as informing searchers what you’re all about.
e.g. if someone is looking for penguin flippers, then it’s safe to assume that this would be a site selling penguin flippers.
SEO Services Ireland Tip#2 Make sure you are categorised correctly.
This is an area often set up incorrectly by beginners and never corrected.
and of course please make sure that you select the proper category for your Page. So, penguin flippers, you would want to select to the on-line business category. Having said that however don’t neglect the subcategories such as shop etc. This will allow your business to show up for the most accurate searches,and thus helping with Search engine optimisation.
SEO Services Ireland Tip#3: Full Profile
Many business owners as you can imagine are so excited about the new product/idea or indeed invention that they neglect the details: but, just as it is in retail clicks and mortar businesses, “retail is detail”.
Customers need to know details about where the business is , such as where you’re located, what are opening times, what products or service you offer. In other words, it helps to highlight the best qualities of your company/brand and makes it easier for potential customers to locate you outside of Facebook.
Don’t forget the “About” section on Facebook also plays a key role in search queries.
“It is essential that marketers dig deeper into search, social, local mobile data to understand how they all work in tandem to impact ranking” ~ Jim Yu, CEO, BrightEdge found that the majority of searches were pulled directly from the About page on the Facebook Fan Page. This was around 60-80% of all cases. The majority of other cases came from the Company Overview and Location fields. This accounted from almost 95%+ of all searched cases.(Greg

SEO Services Ireland Tip#4: Content Focussed
It’s all about content when it comes to online digital promotion and self promotion.
One of the most important factors in search engine optimisation are from social media. In short, if you want to rank higher in search engines, then you need to have a lot of Likes, shares, tweets and/or +ones.
Yes, all very well but how?
As seo service provider & consultants we will help inprove SEO: our advice is to be always sharing interesting content on your Facebook Page, and always using all available descriptive fields on each type of content shared. When posting photos, use those all important keywords without keyword stuffing. When posting events, take the time to include keywords in the event description field, if suitable a discussion forum to your Page.
Facebook makes all of the content shared on Facebook Pages indexable by search engines, so use the tools Facebook has to its fullest.

If you are a frequent ‘poster’ and ‘sharer’ of content on Facebook, you’re engaging with your fans, which makes you more visible. And no it doesn’t have to be funny videos it can be content that relates to your brand/company and provides value to your clients or customers will help get your page noticed.
While creating quality content is a great way to get your audience talking about your Facebook Page, there are plenty of other ways to engage with them and thus helping your seo ranking.

Wishpond also suggests trying out formulas like solving a problem, filling in the blank, caption this, or embracing nostalgia to engage with your audience.

SEO Services Ireland Tip#5: Improve Engagement

Consider Using Facebook Apps
As Social Media Examiner points out, you can use apps to keep customers informed, connect them with customer support, make appointments, promote events, reward them, or gain feedback. All of these apps are in turn indexed by the google bots there again raising the Search engine optimisation level further.

SEO Services Ireland Summary:

Social media is a must for businesses looking to grow or indeed survive in the digital age. Facebook is the most powerful tool to connect with customers, provide customer service, and to rank in search engines. Take the time to ensure your profile is optimized in order to get the most out of your Facebook pages.


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